Go GREEN for the holidays!

The Segway PT is an ideal gift choice this holiday season for yourself, a loved one or even your employees. Today, Segway PTs are used by many different kinds of people and in a wide variety of ways.

SPOTLIGHT – Mobilboard: France’s National Network of Segway® PT Tour Agencies

Founded by Segway France, Mobilboard is one of the largest Segway PT tour agencies in the world. The Mobilboard network consists of nearly 50 branches throughout France. The agencies are located in touristic cities and exclusively offer Segway PT Tours. These excursions combine entertaining PT glides and discovery of the country’s hidden history. Mobilboard also [...]

Segway PT Tours at Ski Resorts

Have you noticed the explosion in the growth of ski resorts’ summer activities? If so, you’ve seen the trend of resorts adding Segway PT Tours to their summer experiences.