Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot Program Earns Positive Feedback

In 2013, Queensland became the first state in Australia to adopt legislation to allow Segway® Personal Transporters (PTs) to be ridden on public passage ways including footpaths and bikeways. The Segway Patroller, which is a Segway PT that was designed with specific input from experienced law enforcement professionals, is currently being used by police departments [...]

Segway’s Personal Transporter Legal to Ride on Queensland’s Footpaths and Cycleways

Queensland is the first Australian state to support regulations around using Segway PTs on footpaths and cycleways. Tourism operators across the state campaigned for the change, with the support of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, with the goal of growing tourism activities across the state.

Happy Independence Day, America!

On July 4, Americans celebrate the country’s independence. They fly flags to convey their patriotism, attend ceremonies and parades to thank active military and veterans for their service, enjoy barbecues and fireworks displays and spend quality time with family and friends.   Another way to celebrate is to recognize and support companies who manufacture their [...]