The Segway Patroller Transforms Community Policing Programs

Today, more than 1,500 police and public safety organizations across the globe have deployed Segway Patrollers. The Segway Patroller is embraced by this market because it is a valuable tool that allows officers to create innovative community policing programs and patrol all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments while better connecting with the citizens and [...]

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with a Segway PT

It’s a demonstrable fact – The Segway PT can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emission and substantially increase energy efficiency by replacing short-distance and single occupancy car trips. It’s compact, it’s robust AND it’s green!

Police in Bali, Indonesia Implement Environmentally-Friendly Segway® Patrollers to Eliminate Emissions and Improve Response Time

The Bali PD implemented 5 Segway Patrollers and the vast majority of officers, including the Chief of Police, are trained to ride. The Segway Patroller will be used to patrol both indoor and outdoor environments and can travel up to 38 kilometers (24 miles) on a single charge. Officers often ride for up to 8 hours and can easily cover Bali’s 20 kilometers of densely populated tourist areas.