Segway Employee Profile – Jason Hauntsman

He’s a jack of all trades, master of many – he’s Jason Hauntsman, Segway’s Facility Maintenance Manager Extraordinaire! Jason joined Segway Inc. in 2002 working for the Quality Assurance team. Not long after, he transitioned to a Gearbox Assembly role. Several years later, after management realized he could quite literally do it all, Jason transitioned [...]

Segway Employee Profile – Ann Pelletier

In this new monthly series we will be turning the spotlight on one Segway employee. We’ll dig deep and get the real deets about their life both inside and outside of the company. We’ll learn why they love working here, and what they’d do if they could do anything at all. Our first employee is [...]

A Sense of Freedom

Paul and Jane Drake live in the United Kingdom, but travel to Florida in September each year for a three week vacation. These ‘Snowbirds’ first learned about touring via a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) while researching local attractions. Over the last few years, they have taken seven tours in Florida.