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Getting to Know Segway
Darcie Williams, Owner and Tour Guide at Segway of Scottsdale, first caught a glimpse of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) when working in Phoenix, Arizona. “The security guards at the building I was working in rode Segway PTs to patrol the campus and parking lots,” recalls Darcie. “I was instantly curious about the product and how it worked.”

One year later Darcie began following Segway Inc., learning more about the PT and exploring the possibility of opening an Authorized Segway Dealership. “At that time there was all sorts of coverage in the news about rising gas prices and green transportation alternatives. In addition, the Segway brand was earning a reputation around the world for being innovative and building high quality, safe products. Before long, I’d purchased a PT!” said Darcie. “I genuinely appreciated the mobility, maneuverability and fun it brought to my everyday life, and in no time, I made the decision to build a business around it.”

The Business Opens and Grows
Just one year after that, Darcie was celebrating Segway of Scottsdale’s Grand Opening. Initially, business revolved around selling Segway PTs to corporate campuses, law enforcement, private security and even construction companies who needed to efficiently move people – as well as servicing units as needed. However, before long the dealership’s first tour was launched. In fact, tours were popping up all across the world. Darcie adds, “In my opinion, the Segway PT revolutionized the tour industry and I was determined to capitalize on that growth.”

Today, Segway of Scottsdale is not only a successful Authorized Segway Dealer; it’s also a prosperous Affiliated Segway PT Tour. “We offer our guests three distinct tour options year round. They include tours of Tempe Town Lake, Downtown Phoenix and Old Town,” comments Darcie. “We consistently take up to 100 people on 12 tours each day and rank in the Scottsdale area’s top activities. I’m very proud of that.”

In fact today, TripAdvisor ranks Segway of Scottsdale’s tours as the area’s #1 and #2 rated tours in the area! To learn more or to book a tour, visit or call 480.306.4801.

Become an Affiliated Segway PT Tour
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Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Response Squad Deploys 12 Segway Patrollers

Montevideo Police

Montevideo Police

The city of Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Department recently deployed 12 Segway Patrollers in a concerted effort to improve police presence throughout the city and deter pickpocket robberies.

The Response Squad, consisting of 17 police officers, was the first group trained to ride. Immediately the officers appreciated the smooth ride, visibility and maneuverability the Patroller units delivered.

“Montevideo’s Chief of Police as well as local politicians and businesspeople are very pleased with Segway and its Segway Patroller products,” said Emilio Palay of Iberfix, Uruguay’s Authorized Segway Distributor. “They’re confident that pickpockets will be dissuaded from committing crime given the police’s improved presence and ability to more quickly respond to incidents.”

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Segway Robotics Tests New Prototype on Milton Cat Construction Site

RMP_Milton Cat_D810_061115 (99 of 255)A contingent from Segway’s robotics and marketing teams recently visited a Milton Cat (authorized dealer of Caterpillar products, including heavy equipment, heavy trucks and stand-by generators) construction site in New Hampshire for a photo shoot of a new robotics platform prototype, designed for R&D use in the field of autonomous material handling and transport systems.

Segway’s latest prototype is a heavy duty variant of our RMP 440, a rugged, all-terrain, four-wheel drive, skid steer mobility platform. This RMP 440 “HD” features twice the torque, as well as a wider footprint for improved performance and stability for up 600 lbs. of payload and a top speed of 9 mph. Prior to heading to out, the engineering team had established clear specs for this prototype’s speed and payload and completed some preliminary field performance testing. However, the opportunity to thoroughly test this beast in a rugged outdoor environment while demonstrating a product concept for the construction market was invaluable.

If you’d like to learn more about this new prototype or any of our other commercial mobility platforms for robotics research and development, please contact us. To stay connected with Segway Robotics, visit our website to sign up for our newsletter and RSS feed or follow us on Twitter.