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Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Response Squad Deploys 12 Segway Patrollers

The city of Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Department recently deployed 12 Segway Patrollers in a concerted effort to improve police presence throughout the city and deter pickpocket robberies. The Response Squad, consisting of 17 police officers, was the first group trained to ride. Immediately the officers appreciated the smooth ride, visibility and maneuverability the Patroller units [...]

Segway® Patrollers Improve the Edmonton Police Services’ Presence in the Community

Recently, the Edmonton Police Services (EPS) deployed 12 Segway Patrollers to be used as an additional resource for its operational and community policing team. Superintendent Tony Harder said, “The idea was to provide our officers with a higher level of access to people, events and downtown areas – and to improve our patrol presence.” Once [...]

Segway’s SE-3 Patroller Embraced by Government and Law Enforcement in Spain

Segway’s SE Personal Transporter (PT) and SE-3 Patrollers continue to be readily deployed throughout the world at a wide variety of law enforcement agencies and private security firms. Recently, Segway enjoyed some incredible success in Spain with the Madrid Police Department purchasing eight new SE-3 Patrollers, two of which have already been deployed to assist [...]