Segway – Consistently Working to Reduce Waste


Provides reliable, compliant waste removal and recycling services.

Since Segway’s inception 15 years ago, we’ve understood the importance of being green. After all, we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of electric personal transportation. Over the years, we’ve worked to be part of the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ movement. Our latest initiative included taking a hard look at how to refine our waste management processes. We evaluated how we handle solid and universal waste, as well as how we recycle cardboard and scrap metal, and determined we could do better. Enter WorkWaste, a waste reduction vendor, who helped us make some important and significant changes.

In no time, we began diverting 20 cubic yards of waste per week from a landfill and reducing it to just 2 cubic yards of ash, which generated 2,031 kilowatt hours of electricity – and that’s just the beginning. We’ve also improved our recycling procedures for metals and established upcycling processes for assembly items.

At Segway, we do our part to make a difference, respect the earth and preserve the environment by constantly evaluating all our waste stream programs and taking steps to ensure they meet the very latest environmentally conscious standards.

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