A Customer Story – Bjorn Pettersson, Segway PT Commuter

Bjorn1Bjorn first heard about the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) shortly after it was launched. The popular tech sites, feber.se and engadget.com, had posted stories on Dean Kamen, the PT’s inventor, as well as the product’s features and benefits. Finally in 2009, Bjorn had an opportunity to ride one at Sweden’s largest tourism tradeshow.

“The PT was so easy to ride! After trying it, I couldn’t stop thinking about riding again and possibly owning one. I was interested in commuting to my job, using my car less and reducing my carbon foot print.”

Finally, in October 2010, the PT was classified by Sweden as a bicycle. It was now legal to ride on public roads and sidewalks. Bjorn purchased a PT that same year.  He added, “I commute to work, which is about 10 kilometers each way and I always get there with a smile on my face.”

Bjorn works at a large campsite that’s visited by families and lots of children, He shares, “I often ride my PT around camp, which is a large property. I get around quickly and the PT helps me to be more visible. The extra height it provides ensures that I can see children playing and riding their bikes — and they can see me. At camp, it’s all about having fun while being safe.”

The most entertaining aspect of being a PT owner is having people envy your ride. Bjorn shares, “When I first purchased my PT, my family and friends thought it was an expensive investment. I disagreed and conveyed that I was excited to leave my car at home, save on fuel, not have to hunt for a parking space and so much more. Now, they see how much fun I have and how happy I am. They want to ride my PT — and they never want to get off!”


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