Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Response Squad Deploys 12 Segway Patrollers

Montevideo Police

Montevideo Police

The city of Montevideo, Uruguay’s Police Department recently deployed 12 Segway Patrollers in a concerted effort to improve police presence throughout the city and deter pickpocket robberies.

The Response Squad, consisting of 17 police officers, was the first group trained to ride. Immediately the officers appreciated the smooth ride, visibility and maneuverability the Patroller units delivered.

“Montevideo’s Chief of Police as well as local politicians and businesspeople are very pleased with Segway and its Segway Patroller products,” said Emilio Palay of Iberfix, Uruguay’s Authorized Segway Distributor. “They’re confident that pickpockets will be dissuaded from committing crime given the police’s improved presence and ability to more quickly respond to incidents.”

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