Segway® Patrollers Improve the Edmonton Police Services’ Presence in the Community


Facilitate interaction with people, improve visibility and project a presence that helps to deter crime.

Recently, the Edmonton Police Services (EPS) deployed 12 Segway Patrollers to be used as an additional resource for its operational and community policing team. Superintendent Tony Harder said, “The idea was to provide our officers with a higher level of access to people, events and downtown areas – and to improve our patrol presence.”

Once EPS officers were trained to ride and they began using the Patroller in the field, its benefits became even clearer. Sergeant Maurice Brodeur said, “The Patroller is an extension of me. It improves my mobility and it’s maneuverable. I cover about 50 kilometers per week and I’m even more approachable than a beat man. I travel on roadways, sidewalks, through parkways, on the green belt and through the river valley trails. I also take the Patroller into office buildings and elevators. It doesn’t have limitations. There’s no better way to patrol congested areas.”

Patrollers are used throughout the capital city by officers and liaison constables who work in a variety of proactive community programs. “The reaction from the public is consistently positive. The Patroller is an ice breaker, it opens the door to engaging with the people in a way that a patrol car just can’t. Patrollers can change the way the public perceives police officers,” said Sergeant Brodeur.

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