Segway is Poised for Expansion in 2014

Become a Segway Dealer, Break Paradigms and Reap the Rewards

Did you know that today Segway’s international network includes 250 distributor, dealer and experience center retail points in 80 countries? There are also more than 1,000 thriving Segway PT Tours located in every corner of the globe.

However, in 2014 we’re poised for growth! More specifically, we’re focused on expanding our distribution network, particularly in the United States. Soon consumers will be able to purchase a Segway PT from a wide variety of dealerships. It’s an exciting time!

Please take a few minutes to learn more, by viewing “Become a Segway Dealer, Break Paradigms and Reap the Rewards”. This video was produced in a modular fashion to address each of our growing market segments. In less than 5 minutes, you can view:

See how easy it is to load a Segway PT into a motorized RV

  • An introduction from our Chief Marketing Officer
  • Specific Segway PT footage in either a powersports, commercial equipment or recreational vehicle environment
  • A message from our President that answers the important question “What’s In It for Experienced Dealers?”

If you like what you hear — and we’re confident that you will — please click here to complete an abridged dealer application.

For more information on becoming a Segway Dealer call 866.4.SEGWAY or e-mail Segway [at] Segway [dot] com.

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