Segway’s Personal Transporter Legal to Ride on Queensland’s Footpaths and Cycleways

Legislation Effective Early August 2013; Police Service Evaluating Segway
Patrollers to Improve Community Policing Program

Australia Regulatory

Beginning in early August 2013 Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) will be legal to ride on Queensland’s footpaths and cycleways thanks to legislation that was adopted by Parliament earlier this year. Based on this change, the Queensland Police Service will be evaluating the possibility of adding the Segway Patroller, as a transportation tool, to its community policing program.       

Queensland is the first Australian state to support regulations around using Segway PTs on footpaths and cycleways. Tourism operators across the state campaigned for the change, with the support of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, with the goal of growing tourism activities across the state.

“We are very much looking forward to this legislation becoming effective. It will undoubtedly bolster tourism, but it will also present limitless opportunities for the use of the Segway PT in other applications,” said Brett Walton of Segway Queensland, the local Authorised Segway Dealer. “In fact, Queensland’s Police Service is planning to evaluate the Segway Patroller in the coming weeks and we are confident that inquiries regarding electric mobility for personal, commercial and public safety use of the Segway PT will increase. It’s important to note that a key safety feature of the Segway PT is a built-in redundant sub-system, which enhances its suitability for continued safe use.”  

The Segway PT is used throughout the world in a variety of different ways to improve:

  • Mobility – The PT can travel up to 20 km/h, but will be limited to 12 km/h in accordance with laws in Queensland, and up to 38 km a single charge. Riders can cover 9 times more area than on foot.
  • Visibility – The PT’s base adds 8” of height. Riders can oversee a larger area and be seen.
  • Responsiveness – The Segway PT allows riders to move 3 times faster than walking without fatigue.
  • Versatility – A PT can easily and quickly travel indoors and outdoors, up ramps and over curbs, into elevators and through doors.
  • ManeuverabilityThe Segway PT’s true zero turning radius allows it to easily maneuver in very tight spaces. It can pivot within its own shoulder width footprint and transition seamlessly from forward to reverse.
  • Energy Efficiency – The PT is powered by Lithium-ion batteries. Plug it into a standard outlet to fully charge or top it off. It’s an environmentally friendly way to move and operates for just a cent per kilometer based on 10 cents per kWh.

To read more about Australia’s regulatory efforts, please click here. For more information on Segway’s i2, x2 or Patroller models or to make a purchase, please contact Segway Queensland by phone at: +61 7 5535 0832 or +61 431119210 or visit:


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