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SPOTLIGHT – Mobilboard: France’s National Network of Segway® PT Tour Agencies

Founded by Segway France, Mobilboard is one of the largest Segway PT tour agencies in the world. The Mobilboard network consists of nearly 50 branches throughout France. The agencies are located in touristic cities and exclusively offer Segway PT Tours. These excursions combine entertaining PT glides and discovery of the country’s hidden history. Mobilboard also [...]

Segway PTs for Business

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) improves employee maneuverability, response time and productivity, while taking up minimal space, using less energy and creating fewer emissions.

Segway Announces Its Newest RMP — ARTI

ARTI is Segway’s newest Robotics Mobility Platform (RMP). Its name was derived from the platform’s superior ability to articulate. ARTI is based on a customer’s design concept, but was further developed by Segway’s engineers to become a functional prototype with exceptional capabilities.