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Segway Inc. Announces Merger

Segway Inc. is pleased to announce that in connection with a merger that occurred on December 24, 2009, Segway was acquired by a company that is based in the United Kingdom.  The acquiring company is backed by Jimi Heselden, a prominent U.K. businessman and the Chairman of Hesco Bastion.  Mr. Heselden is also an investor [...]

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Keepin’ it green

Since 2007, we’ve offered our Renewable Energy Credits (REC) program to new customers as a way to demonstrate our commitment to make personal, green transportation a viable solution to a real problem.  RECs, or carbon offsets as they’re sometimes referred to, “work to replace traditional polluting sources of electricity with clean, secure, and sustainable sources [...]

Spotlight: Segway Robotics platforms lead the way

Did you know that Segway Inc. is a leader in the world of mobile robot development platforms? To shed some light on these high-tech, products and their applications we just launched a new blog that’s all about robotics, all the time. Psyched? We are. Our Robotics Mobility Platform (or RMP, for short) uses much of [...]