Segway® Patrollers Improve the Edmonton Police Services’ Presence in the Community


Facilitate interaction with people, improve visibility and project a presence that helps to deter crime.

Recently, the Edmonton Police Services (EPS) deployed 12 Segway Patrollers to be used as an additional resource for its operational and community policing team. Superintendent Tony Harder said, “The idea was to provide our officers with a higher level of access to people, events and downtown areas – and to improve our patrol presence.”

Once EPS officers were trained to ride and they began using the Patroller in the field, its benefits became even clearer. Sergeant Maurice Brodeur said, “The Patroller is an extension of me. It improves my mobility and it’s maneuverable. I cover about 50 kilometers per week and I’m even more approachable than a beat man. I travel on roadways, sidewalks, through parkways, on the green belt and through the river valley trails. I also take the Patroller into office buildings and elevators. It doesn’t have limitations. There’s no better way to patrol congested areas.”

Patrollers are used throughout the capital city by officers and liaison constables who work in a variety of proactive community programs. “The reaction from the public is consistently positive. The Patroller is an ice breaker, it opens the door to engaging with the people in a way that a patrol car just can’t. Patrollers can change the way the public perceives police officers,” said Sergeant Brodeur.

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Top 10 Questions About The Ninebot/Segway Merger


On April 15, Ninebot announced its strategic merger with Segway. Click here to view the news release in its entirety. The worldwide market’s reaction to this news has been incredibly positive, but has also raised several great questions. Here are the answers:


Q1: What are the most significant benefits of this merger to Segway?

A: Without question the most notable benefits are:

  1. Improved access and increased penetration in the Chinese market, the world’s second largest economy
  2. The ability to leverage Ninebot’s (as well as its investors) relationships with Asian suppliers
  3. Immediate expansion of Segway’s commercial product offerings to a more balanced portfolio that also features consumer products at considerably lower price points


Q2: What are the most significant benefits of this merger to Ninebot?

A: Ninebot will gain a great deal from this merger including:

  1. Exclusive rights to Segway products that are covered by over 400 patents around the world
  2. Exclusive use of the iconic and internationally recognized Segway brand
  3. Access to a robust distribution channel in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa


Q3:  What was the reaction of Segway employees to the merger announcement?

A: The biggest fans of Segway products are Segway employees. Our community is excited about the opportunities for growth that this merger presents.


Q4: Will Segway’s management of day-to-day business change in the short-term?

A: No, it won’t. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Segway will continue with business as usual.


Q5: Will Segway’s Engineering team remain intact, reside in Bedford, NH and be responsible for product quality?

A: Absolutely – on all three fronts. Quality is a cornerstone of Segway’s brand and Ninebot is very interested in maintaining the “Made in America” status of Segway products.


Q6:  Will product manufacturing remain in Bedford, NH?

A:  Yes. Product manufacturing will remain in Bedford for the foreseeable future. Again, Ninebot appreciates the value being a “Made in America” product provides.


Q7: What, if any, changes can Segway’s worldwide distribution expect?

A:  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ninebot, Segway will run accordingly and independently. The initial reaction of the channel to this news has been overwhelmingly positive and an in-depth review of the two companies’ product lines, target markets and customer purchase preferences is well underway. Ninebot is interested in growing the company and our channel supports that.


Q8: Will Segway now offer a low cost PT sooner than was originally planned?

A: Potentially, yes – Ninebot is in the process of evaluating the entire product line. Clearly our products are complementary and the team will be making decisions soon on how best to maintain and grow our product portfolio and bring new products to market.


Q9: Will Segway continue to offer its three-wheel product for the public safety market?

A: Yes. Segway’s SE-3 Patroller has been embraced by law enforcement and private security firms and will continue to be available.


Q10: Will the Ninebot and Segway brands be integrated or kept completely separate?

A: The branding strategy is taking shape. However, at this time we expect the brands to remain separate.

From Canada to St. Maarten. . . A Segway PT Tour Operator’s Tale

St Maarten Segway

Is it paradise? Looks that way to us.

“When was the last time you had fun doing something new and exciting? Today you will — come glide with us!” That’s how Normand Vidal of Fun and Roll Tours of St. Maarten, an Authorized Segway Tour, welcomes first time riders. Yes, there are many people who have yet to experience a Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Normand, originally from Montreal, Canada, was self-employed as a Database Software Developer and Business Consultant for 20+ years. When he grew tired of the fast-paced track of his career, not to mention Canada’s cold weather, he and his wife Lorraine moved south to ‘mix it up’. By ‘mix it up’ we mean they pulled a complete 180, focused their efforts in a new direction and opened a Segway PT Tour. Normand says, “We ride Segway PTs all the time, entertain guests and we’ve never been happier!”

When asked about the most rewarding part about being a tour operator Normand replies, “Meeting someone who is nervous about taking a tour and seeing their demeanor completely transform during the experience to the point where they don’t want the tour to end because they’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! Hearing that your tour was the best part of their entire vacation never gets old. Check out the tour’s excellent reviews

St Maarten Segway

Sun, sand and a Segway PT. It doesn’t get better.

Normand describes typical day-to-day tour operations as organized chaos. Each day is planned and organized. However, between cruise ship concierges booking tours for passengers, walk up customers and reservations being changed, the day can be hectic. He wouldn’t want it any other way though.

“The best part of this business is that every day is completely different. You never know who you’ll meet or what kind of day it will be. We welcome over 700 people a month to our tour during the high season,” Normand added. “Some of our visitors consider the tour a once in a lifetime opportunity, others return year after year to experience the thrill.”

Normand’s favorite part of the day is getting to know his guests. He’ll often sit with them after a tour, enjoying the weather, a cocktail and some conversation. He comments, “Lorraine and I have made many new friends and earned lots of repeat business. There’s great satisfaction in a job well done.”

To learn more about Fun and Roll Tours of St. Maarten, please visit their website at