Intern-al Affairs: “The SE-3 Patroller Video Shoot”

Hello everyone, Tyler the Intern again. This time around I thought I’d give you an inside look at how Alex and I were able to multi-task during the filming of the SE-3 Patroller profile video to produce some great, high-quality photos. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, the profile video highlights all the key features of the new SE-3 Patroller in a real world environment. We wanted this video to be different than anything we’d done before, so Segway brought in a video production company, Uncle Benji, for two full days of shooting, while also working with a local digital marketing agency, Silvertech, based in Manchester, NH.

Composite in progress

Rough edit of the first composite shot — 18 images

The first day of shooting was at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and the second was at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, both of which are typical real-world environments in the SE-3 would be deployed. The film crew was as accommodating to us as they could be, but with a short amount of time in which to to complete the video, photography became a bit of a side project during the shoot, which made our job even more challenging.

We needed to get high-quality images without interrupting the film crew or holding up production, which meant becoming guerilla photographers. Jump in, get the shot and get the heck out of the way. We had to move so fast that we didn’t get to bring any strobes or lighting equipment with us. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but the panoramas we wanted to shoot required that everything in the scene had to stay perfectly still for an extended period. Any time the crew was deciding which lens to use, which angle to film from or how to light the scene I’d pop in and fire off as many photos as I could, trying to direct our rider to stay perfectly still, while also keeping the director from giving different directions or walking into my shot. It was hectic at first, but eventually Alex, myself and the Uncle Benji team got our working relationship down pat.

Final composite

Final composite

At Delta Dental Stadium, I was able to get a great panorama shot of the SE-3 unit parked in front of the entrance. The sun was just starting to set and the sky had a beautiful orange glow, which in the world of photography is referred to as the “Golden Hour”. I managed to get 18 shots off before it was time to reposition the unit and frame the next scene. The composition did a nice job of visually representing one of the key selling points of the SE-3, the presence it has even without having a rider on it. And because safety is always a top priority here at Segway, I liked having the officer’s helmet hanging off the handlebars.

We spent the rest of the evening shooting there while the film crew focused on getting a shot of fans exiting the stadium and walking by the SE-3. We wanted to show that the unit has a security presence at a large venue with lots of foot traffic. We also wanted to gauge the public’s response to the unit, as this was the first time it had been brought out into the open. It got exactly the reaction we were hoping for. In fact, one little boy asked his mom if he could have one for Christmas.

We spent day two at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport with an officer from the Londonderry, NH Police Department as our rider. Though he had never acted before, he was very cooperative and patient with our crew all day long, even after being asked to ride the same route for the twentieth time. Production for the day moved extremely fast and by noon the film crew had completed about 60% of their shots and Alex and I had taken two different composite shots. Throughout the afternoon, we kept jumping in and out to try and snag as many shots as we could without delaying the whole production. Since the director never hit me with his chair, I think we must have done a good job.

This past week we received a final cut of the profile video and it looks terrific—the production team did a fantastic job. After going through all of the shots we took over those two days, Alex and I were able to get almost thirty different useable images of the SE-3. It was a great experience to work with a professional production team, and we learned a lot about what goes into shooting a complete visual campaign for a new product.

Even though shooting these panoramas can have its challenges, like spending two hours cleaning up the fence behind the SE-3 that didn’t line up, or fixing the wonky spots created by the door that got opened in the middle of shooting, they’re worth it. These final images will be leveraged for many different uses later on. We’ll be able to re-crop and reposition them to fit any number of design and layout options.

Stay tuned for future columns . . .

Alex scouting

Alex and the film crew scouting locations

Alex scouting

Officer Chris Olson, Londonderry NH PD













Parking lot breezeway

Panorama in the parking lot breezeway

STAND STRONG with Segway’s SE-3 Patroller

SE-3 in the airport lobby

Click to watch the video

You’ve seen our product launch news release, now it’s time for the next phase in the SE-3 Patroller’s unveiling – Click here to see it in action!

The SE-3 is the newest tool for community policing from the company that brought you the Segway PT – and it’s got it all. It can pass through doors, maneuver in reverse, is weather resistant, features hot swappable batteries and can be charged at any electrical outlet. Public safety officers will appreciate how it improves their mobility, maneuverability, visibility, interaction and responsiveness.

Would you like to know more? Download the SE-3’s spec sheet.

Segway Signs Visionary Motorsports Ltd. to be Its New and Exclusive Canadian Distributor

Earlier this month, in a joint announcement, Segway and Visionary Motorsports Ltd., Canada’s largest independent distributor of powersports product lines, announced that Visionary will join Segway’s worldwide distribution network.

Segway of Canada“We feel strongly that an iconic global brand like Segway, known for innovation and quality, will complement our product mix and appeal to our sales channel,” said Neil Vanderkooi, President, Visionary.

Rod Keller, President, Segway added, “Visionary has an impressive track record of success. I’m pleased to welcome them to our family of international distributors. Positive regulatory changes in the provinces of Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario are in process and will undoubtedly pave the way for Segway PTs to be more widely adopted in Canada.”

Contact Segway Canada

Visionary will represent Segway as Segway Canada and will carry Segway PTs for consumers and businesses. To learn more about Segway Canada, its products and how to become a Canadian dealer, please contact them directly at 1.866.601.7433 or visit

Click here to view the news release in its entirety.