Segway Employee Profile – Ann Pelletier

In this new monthly series we will be turning the spotlight on one Segway employee. We’ll dig deep and get the real deets about their life both inside and outside of the company. We’ll learn why they love working here, and what they’d do if they could do anything at all. Our first employee is Ann Pelletier, the straw that stirs the Segway drink.

Ann - The face of Segway

Ann – The face of Segway

Ann joined Segway a year and a half ago and is our receptionist and HR administrator. If you were to visit our office in Bedford, NH she’d be the first person you’d meet. She is the face of Segway! Ann loves meeting visitors, planning and hosting the coolest employee appreciation events and, in her words, “working with the most awesome people ever.” In just the last few months Ann has planned our company holiday party, our first ever fruitcake toss and an Easter coloring contest for employees’ children, among many other events.

She loves working in a place where employees zip around the hallways on Segway PTs and being a part of a company that prides itself on building its products in the US. When asked about her favorite part of working at Segway Ann responded, “Being featured in this blog. It makes me feel like a VIP. I’ll try not to let the fame go to my head, but I can’t promise anything.” So who knows — maybe the next time you visit us Ann will be sitting behind her desk ready to greet you with an entourage behind her.

If time, money and skill were of no consequence Ann would want to work at Winterthur Museum in Delaware as a museum curator, interior designer and a teacher in their graduate or undergraduate programs. We did say that time was no object so Ann figured instead of deciding which one she would pick, she could just do them all.

Besides the fun and exciting things Ann has done working at Segway, she has somehow found the time to take a trip to Skyventure to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving. Ann says of her adventure, “It was so cool. I never would have imagined myself doing it but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life!”

A Segway PT SE’s Journey from the Box to the Customer – Part 1: Out of the Box

The first thing I remember is a pair of hands ripping open the box in which I’d been packed. The trip from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire was quiet and comfortable, but now it’s time to get to work. I may just be a chassis now, but soon enough I will be well-built, clean personal transportation, a bastion of fun and excitement, I will be . . . a Segway PT SE.


Rosie – She Gave Me My Name and My Start

Rosie, not The Riveter but a hard-working Segway employee, removes me from my box and inspects me for any cracks, dents or dings. Of course, I’m in perfect condition. She brings me to a table with a bunch of serial number labels and picks one for me. It suits me which means it’s now time to get it engraved directly onto my body. Before she puts me into the engraver Rosie has to scan my label and her employee badge. We are now linked forever.

She places me into the engraver and closes the hood. The anticipation of what’s to come is making me nervous and a bit excited. She flicks the switch and the engraving begins. Amazingly, it’s over within seconds and there was no pain. I now have a true identity. It’s too much for your human tongues to comprehend, so from here on out, just call me Pete.

I’m placed on a gliding trolley. I’m leaving Rosie behind and heading over to the motor installation station. I will never forget you Rosie. You gave me my start!

Segway Intern-al Affairs: “The Photo Shoot”

I’m Tyler Mitchell, a multimedia marketing intern at Segway Inc. I work closely with my classmate Alex Tourigny, another intern in the department. We both started with the Company in late 2013, our responsibilities focus heavily on photography and videography — we’re both photography majors at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Anyway, one of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on recently was the launch of Segway’s new PT SE models. We’ve got a crack marketing team here at HQ, but even for us a worldwide project launch is a big undertaking.


An interns work is never done

Our first big intern mission was to photograph the new SE products for all of the collateral materials. That might not seem like a huge task, but believe me, it was! The scope was incredibly significant given that we literally didn’t even have a production model that we could shoot until mere weeks before the launch. Once we got our production model, we had about ten days to photograph and produce the images and five days to edit and process them. We had our work cut out for us. First, we set up a makeshift studio in a corner of the production floor, where we guaranteed the production floor manager we would only be for a few days. About two weeks later, we were done with our shoot and had packed our studio away. Uh, thanks for your patience, Joe!

We caused quite a stir on Day One. Though our studio was cobbled together quickly, our equipment was high end, and our studio lights that we had set up would emit a high-pitched BEEEEEP every — and I mean every — time they fired. It was so incredibly loud that a bunch of employees on the floor thought it was a malfunctioning fire alarm. It certainly didn’t help that we had to turn off the lights on part of the production floor in order to get the proper exposure for the photos. Typically, we’re pretty popular in the office, but not on this day.

The entire photo shoot turned out to be quite an adventure with the two of us running into one challenge after another. Of course, as is our marketing team motto, We Would Not Accept Defeat, so we just kept on solving each problem as it came. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say that between all the new accessories and tweaking the SE models to get the best possible shots, we had to break out the toolbox on more than one occasion. Finally, the beauty shots were complete and, if I do say so myself, they looked great! Our work was done, right? Right? Not so much.

Next up — shots of the PT SE on location. We were tasked with getting at least one shot of each model in a real world environment. Again, seems like a fairly easy, straightforward assignment but again, we were faced with a challenge right off the bat; we’re located in New Hampshire, the land of the endless winter. There was snow and slush on the ground, salt from the salt trucks covering everything and the natural light was poor due to the sun not coming out of hibernation. But again, team motto, We Would Not Accept Defeat. We knew we would be able to find an urban location for the i2 shoot and we would be able to shoot in our warehouse for the Logistics model, but getting a great shot of the x2 looked hopeless. The x2 is tuned for off-road riding so we needed a location that was off the beaten path, but off the beaten path was under a foot of snow which we didn’t want to showcase. We scouted multiple locations and were on the verge of yielding to Mother Nature when we found the perfect location; a conversation area in Manchester, NH called Lake Masabessic. It’s just one town over from our office in Bedford, NH, and has an expansive trail network. It was just what we needed.

Alex and I packed up the PT SEs on a Friday night and mapped out our photo shoot plans for the weekend. That’s right, we work weekends sometimes. We’re dedicated team players. Anyway we wrangled two SEs into the back of Alex’s truck, which was way easier than we thought it would be. They only weight about 100 pounds and the SE models’ new LeanSteer™ makes it quick and easy to disassemble them and pop them into your vehicle. We were able to fit an i2 SE, x2 SE and a Patroller LeanSteer in his Jeep, no problem.

By Saturday evening, it was Mission Accomplished. Monday morning we strolled into the office like champions — having delivered all of the necessary photography for the Segway PT SE launch. We were on top of the world. We were. . . what’s that? Coffee? You got it boss. On to the next Intern-al Affairs project. . .


The fruits of our labor (one of them anyways).

It’s Time to Take the Plunge – Finance the Segway PT You’ve Always Wanted

The new Segway PT SE is now available. It’s got some great enhancements including an improved LeanSteer, refined foot panel and gliding lights — and the MSRP hasn’t increased — not $1.


It’s time to take the plunge, purchase a new PT SE for a low monthly payment and start gliding! Any PT SE model, along with accessories, may be financed and you’ll appreciate:

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What more could you ask for? 

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Segway Launches New Personal Transporters (PTs) and SegSolution Accessory Packages

Expanded Product Portfolio, Featuring Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity Camouflage Pattern, Now Available Worldwide

Segway PT Launch News Release Image_3_24_2014_Final

Yesterday, Segway launched new i2 and x2 SE PTs for consumer and commercial use and unveiled their new SegSolution accessory packages. The models offer a new look as well as enhancements in comfort, portability and usability with no increase to the MSRP.

  • Improved SE PT Features:
    • An improved LeanSteer™ frame that can be quickly removed for easy storing and transporting of your PT in almost any vehicle
    • A refined foot panel that is optimized for rider comfort
    • Gliding lights that enhance your PT’s visibility in low light conditions
  • Available PT SE Options:
    • Authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage pattern applied to the PT’s LeanSteer, center console and fenders using a laser robotics process to ensure superior fit and finish
    • Segway-designed, high-quality and comprehensive i2 SE and x2 SE SegSolution accessory packages that add value and increase functionality

“These new SE models maintain Segway’s tradition of superior design in the personal transportation market,” said Mark Vena, Chief Marketing Officer, Segway Inc. “Combine the style of Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Infinity camo with the improved utility of our new SegSolution offerings and Segway PTs will appeal to an even broader customer base.”


Visit for more information on i2 SE, x2 SE and SegSolution products, to identify the Authorized U.S. Dealer or International Distributor nearest you or to learn more about becoming an Authorized U.S. Segway Dealer.

Click here to view the news release in its entirety.