Australia’s Segway Tours South Coast Earns Ecotourism Certification


Segway Tours South Coast

Segway Tours South Coast in New South Wales, a state on Australia’s east coast, was recently honored with an Ecotourism certification. This certification is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. It ensures that tourists are supporting a touring experience that has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Segway® Personal Transporters (PTs) are self-balancing, two wheeled, electric vehicles which are extremely maneuverable and produce zero emissions. Tourists can be trained to ride in as little as 30 minutes and are sure to enjoy the experience.

“Ecotourism certification is important to our business. Every day we integrate the PT with the environment to create an exhilarating adventure,” said David Munn, Manager, Segway Tours South Coast. “This honor represents our ongoing commitment to minimize the impact of our tour operations, including restricting PT tours to established routes, and protect our beautiful surroundings.”

“Today, there are more than 1,000 Segway PT tours operating throughout the world. Often it’s the first experience consumers have with our product,” said Rod Keller, President, Segway Inc. “We‘re thrilled to hear that these tours are earning eco-certifications to set them even further apart from other tour alternatives.”

Segway Tours South Coast offers 90-minute guided tours of Coolangatta Estate (near Berry) and Killalea State Park (near Kiama). Guests experience the wonder of the PT and the South Coast’s spectacular grasslands, vineyards, wetlands and beach landscapes.

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Segway Patrollers at IACP 2014

Segway PatrollersLast week, Segway demonstrated both its Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) SE Patrollers and its SE-3 Patrollers at IACP’s (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Annual Conference and Exposition, which was held in Orlando, Florida. The event drew in excess of 10,000 attendees representing a cross section of law enforcement agencies.

“IACP is a great fit for our Patroller products,” said Chip MacDonald, Director, Global Police & Government Business. “We met with dozens of potential customers, learned more about their needs and discussed how Segway Patroller products can provide a positive presence – anywhere.”

If you missed us at IACP and you’re interested in learning more about Segway Patrollers and how they provide a positive presence in cities, airports and transportation centers, on university or medical campuses and in business districts, please visit our website. There you can download spec sheets, view videos and review case studies. You may also connect with the Segway team via:


Segway Patrollers Go Back-to-School

PatrollersBackToSchoolToday, thousands of Segway Personal Transporter (PT) Patrollers are deployed all across the world in all sorts of different environments. You often see them used by airport security teams, community policing programs and more. However, did you know that Patrollers have long been embraced by university campus public safety organizations and school resource officers because they’re able to go just about anywhere? PT Patrollers seamlessly move from classrooms and offices to the outdoors; traveling through standard doorways and in and out of elevators as well as on the varied terrain (pavement, gravel, grass) of any campus. An added bonus is the ability of officers using the PT Patroller to better connect with the faculty, staff and students they serve.

New Segway Patroller Deployments

This fall, even more universities and schools across the country deployed both the original Segway PT Patroller and the brand new Segway SE-3 Patroller, a three wheel patrol solution. For example, Merritt College in California purchased Segway Patrollers to help secure its campus, while Denver University recently began using the SE-3 Patroller to assist with parking management programs.

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